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MICA TECHNOLOGY U.K. LTD is authorised to sell and promote the full range of Alliance Memory Inc. legacy products.

Mica Technology UK Ltd.

Mica Technology U.K. Limited was formed in 2003 and has grown from strength to strength, with a solid and faithful customer base. With over 60 years experience and knowledge within the electronics industry, we are able to address the varied needs of customer requirements.

Component sourcing

Sourcing electronic components from reliable, trustworthy and professional suppliers can be a frustrating process, especially when you have production schedules to meet. As an independent and stocking distributor of electronic components, we have global supply and sourcing capabilities.


Mica Technology U.K. Limited has supply agreements with leading manufacturers and Franchised Distributors. Our extensive linecard means we are able to satisfy all your electronic component requirements, we are also able to source any manufacturer not listed on our linecard.


Shortage Management

- With our fast enquiry response times, global sourcing and experience we can take the strain of these shortage issues and deliver the solutions you need to ensure minimal disruption to your production schedule.

Cost reductions

- Let us use our global sourcing capabilities and extensive experience to analyze your Bill of Materials (BOM) and find you the best products at the best prices

Excess Management

- Whether you are looking for immediate disposal of your excess inventory or to have it professionally managed, we can offer a flexible, confidential solution with one of our excess management programmes.

MRP requirements

- Our sourcing capabilities enable us to not only find those difficult to source and obsolete components but to competitively fulfil any requirement within your Bill of Materials (BOM).

Value added services

  • Buffer stock Holding
  • Certficates of Conformance
  • Consolidated Shipments
  • Excess Management
  • Invoices including Customer Part Numbers (if required)
  • Programming (if required)
  • Reeling (if required)
  • Samples (if required)
  • Scheduled Order Handling / Forecasting
  • Volume Price Agreements
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